Friday, October 30, 2009

Taj Mahal Backdrop

One of my customers sent me a picture of the backdrop they ordered from me. They ordered an 8x12 13oz vinyl flex with pockets on the top and bottom with a hem on the sides. I think it really added a special touch to the performance.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bunnell Christmas

A Billboard is a great way to thank your customers. Instead of sending out tons of Christmas cards. Say it BIG with a billboard. This is a 10x32 vinyl flex billboard with 6" pockets all the way around.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Eco Flexx vs. Vinyl Flex

There are many who question the benefits of using Eco Flexx Vinyl verses regular than 13oz Vinyl Flex. There are positives and negatives using both.

While Eco Flexx is recycled old billboard vinyls, light weight and it beneficial for the environment, they just don't hold up as well as vinyl flex. They are really meant for short campaigns and tends to wear a lot easier. If you talk to a printer that is trying to sell you Eco Flexx, they will tell you the opposite. However....I have installers that have installed Eco Flexx on many billboards and they will tell you, "Eco Flexx is not as durable but is wonderful to install because it is super light." I reccommend Eco Flex for your 6 month campaigns.

13oz vinyl flex is your standard billboard vinyl. Alot of printers are trying to push this new 10oz or 8oz vinyl, but don't buy into it. Stay with the is thicker, heavier, and very durable. is a pain in the butt to install on a billboard because of it weight.

Normally, you pay one set price to have an installer install your billboard. The installer does not charge based on how much your vinyl weighs. He charges on how big your billboard is. Get more bang for your buck and buy 13oz vinyl that will last years rather than light weight that will last you 6 months.


Monday, October 19, 2009


We are currently printing a 7'x47' Banner. This banner will have 4" pockets all the way around. This is printed on 13oz Vinyl Flex, black back. There is no limit the the sizes we can print!

Friday, October 9, 2009

14x48 Billboard

We are currently working on a 14x48 billboard for Trainor Glass out of Dallas. This billboard is made out of 13oz vinyl flex with 6" pockets all the way around. It took us 2 days for design, 2 days to print and then it gets shipped out to our client for free. The price for a 14x48 is .95 cents a sq. ft. Total cost for free design, free shipping and excellent customer service $638.40! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daycare Billboard

We had fun designing this 12x24 billboard. This was printed on 13oz vinyl flex with 6" pockets added all the way around. Who wouldn't take their child to this daycare?

Halloween Billboard

This is a new Halloween ad we printed. 14x48 130z Vinyl Flex w/ 6" pockets. 

New Project

This is on 13 oz Vinyl Flex and will be hanging as a backdrop for a church. This client usually puts an 8" pocket along the top and a hem on the sides. They use one large pole to hang it.

Watch a Billboard Installation